How to write a good essay  in TSPSC GROUP 1 Mains

This article is about how to write a good essay in TSPSC Group 1 mains.Writing is a physical form of your thinking. Whatever you write will tell the examiner how you think.  This is the reason why essay plays an important role in selection for the final list.

In group 1 mains examination you will have an essay for 150 marks which is equal to each  GS paper. Most of the aspirants ignore the preparation for the essay thinking that they can write a good essay in the examination itself. This though will lead to failures for many aspirants. No matter how much you read or how much you score in other papers ,your selection in final list depends on the essay paper itself.

How to prepare for an essay?:

  In the group 1 examination essay can be asked from these topics.

  •   Contemporary social issues and social problems.
  •   Issues of economic growth and justice.
  •    Dynamics of Indian Polity.
  •    Historical and cultural heritage of India.
  •    Developments in science and technology.
  •     Education and human resource development .
  • Most of the content will be from GS preparation. 
  • Apart from that, reading magazines like yojana/ kurukshetra/ economic survey will develop the content.

Reading novels, non fiction books, autobiographies will help you to cite a few examples in your essay. That makes sense to your writing.

 Starting an essay with quotes or anecdotes will grab the attention of the reader.

Effective writing:

  •  Use simple language in an essay. 
  • Use simple and short sentences
  • Don’t use tricky and lengthy sentences which makes the examiner exhausted and looses the point.
  • Use simple vocabulary most of the time but occasionally using complex vocabulary will make your essay powerful.
  • Whenever you come across some phrases while reading magazines or newspaper or books, note it down in a notebook and use them in your essay.
  • Slowly try to improve your vocabulary since it is a long journey.
  •  Use SUBHEADINGS  in the essay. You can be innovative or creative in your  using subheadings.  Instead of writing Advantages and Disadvantages of social media you can write” social media: a double edged sword”.
  • Use paragraphs while writing the essay. Maintain connectivity from one paragraph to another paragraph.
  • At the end of the paragraph give some introduction about what you are going to write in the next paragraph.

    For example if you are writing Advantages on social media in one paragraph and Disadvantages in the  other end the paragraph in this way

   “Despite the many advantages of social media, they also have negative impacts on today’s youth.”

Now write the Disadvantages of social media in the next paragraph. That statement tells the reader that you are going to speak about Disadvantage in the next paragraph.

 Orelse you can also end the paragraph while asking a question. Taking the same example, you can write

 “Does social media have only a positive impact on today’s society ?”

You can start the next paragraph by answering that question.

DON’TS  while writing essay: 

Don’t focus on only one aspect ( social or political or economical) since you know much about that. Your essay should be like” THALI ” ( everything is included).

As you are allowed to write a lot in the essay, don’t write everything you know.

Make sure that you are not writing out of the box. Lie within the content and enjoy the freedom to write.

Since you have the choice to write the essay, select them according to your interest and comfort as each essay carries equal marks. 

Don’t write your personal opinions in the essay . Always think from a societal point of view despite your personal interests.

 Always be balanced in the essay. You should address both positive and negative aspects equally Even you don’t have positive/ negative views on that issue.

Allocate equal time for each essay. Don’t spend much time on a single essay since you have a lot of content. “Each essay carries equal marks” . Remember this point every time.


Conclusion has an important role. 

  • It should be optimistic 
  • It should indicate the” way forward” of that issue .
  • Don’t write  paragraphs. It should end in 4 to 5 sentences.
  • It should show you a positive vision for the future.
  • You can quote a dialogue or quotes or phrases in a newspaper to make it more effective.
  • Your introduction and conclusion should maintain connectivity but not diversity.

Conclusion-How to write good essay in TSPSC Group 1 Mains

This is a detailed article regarding essay writing in TSPSC Group 1 mains.Follow our blog for more updates.

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