TSPSC Group 1 2024 Prelims strategy 

TSPSC Group 1 2024 Prelims strategy details in this article. TSPSC GROUP 1 prelims is the first stage. Candidates who qualify in this exam are eligible for mains. There will be 150 questions in objective nature. Each question carries 1 mark . There is only one paper. This is the only qualifying paper, marks were not added to the final result. Now let’s discuss the detailed strategy for prelims. 

Prelims Preparation Strategy for TSPSC Group 1 2024

  • First understand the detailed syllabus given in the tspsc website.
  • Go through the subject wise mains syllabus as some topics are interlinked 
  • Don’t try to segregate your preparation between prelims and mains.
  • Start your preparation with mains then automatically you will find a way to clear prelims.
  • Start with NCERT to attain basic knowledge
  • Read and revise them thoroughly so that you get clarity on each concept
  • After finishing the NCERTS , then refer to standard books for example M.Laxmikanth for polity, Ramesh Singh for economy and so on…

TSPSC Group 1 2024 Booklist English Medium and Telugu Medium Indian History and Culture NCERT Class XI 

English MediumTelugu Medium
Indian History and CultureNCERT Class XIModern India- NCERT or SpectrumSeenaih Sir Notes for Group 1Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaTelugu Academy Book onIndian History and Culture Or NCERT History Books in Telugu
Telangana History and Culture Telangana History and Culture  by Telugu AcademyTelangana History and Culture by Telugu Academy
Indian geographyNCERT Class IX- XIIIndian Geography by Majid HussianBA 3rd year, Indian Geography by Telugu Academy
Telangana GeographyTelangana Regional Geography byGenius Publications (Prelims)Telangana Regional GeographyTelugu Academy (Mains)Telangana Regional Geography-Telugu Academy (Mains) Telangana Regional Geography by Genius Publications (Prelims)
English MediumTelugu Medium
Indian and Telangana SocietyTelugu Academy : SocialStructure ,Issues and Policies Telugu Academy : SocialStructure ,Issues and Policies 
Indian Constitution and PolityIndian Polity by M. LakshmikantIndian Polity by M. Lakshmikant
GovernanceIndian Governance by M. LakshmikantIndian Governance by M. Lakshmikant
EthicsEthics by G. Subba RaoEthics, Integrity, Aptitude by Balalatha
English MediumTelugu Medium
Indian EconomyIndian Economy by Sriram Srirangam/Sriram IASIndian Economy forCompetitive Exams – TeluguAcademy
Telangana EconomyTelangana Regional Economy forCompetitive Exams- TeluguAcademyTelangana Regional Economyfor Competitive Exams- TeluguAcademy
Environment and DevelopmentEnvironment by Shakar IAS NCERT- GeographyDevelopment andEnvironment- Telugu Academy
Value AdditionBudget- India and TelanganaEconomic Survey- India andTelanganaBudget- India and TelanganaEconomic Survey- India andTelangana
English MediumTelugu Medium
Science and technologyScience and technology- Telugu AcademyScience and Technology by HariKrishnaScience and technology- Telugu AcademyScience and Technology by HariKrishna
DI and Analytical AbilityAnalytical & LogicalReasoning by ArihantMental Ability and Reasoning by Vijetha Competitions
Telangana State FormationTelangana State Formation byTelugu AcademyOrTelangana movement state formation: by S. RAJUTelangana State Formation by Telugu Academy
EnglishAP Bharadwaj’s Compulsory English for Mains ExamAP Bharadwaj’s Compulsory English for Mains Exam

Check out detailed Book list for TSPSC Group 1 2024 from here

Steps to be followed for TSPSC Group 1 2024 Prelims preparation

  1. Read only one book for one subject 
  2. Don’t chase for content, instead utilise that time for revision
  3. Always keep an eye on current happenings and link it to the static portion. For example if the reservation topic is in the news , then go and check which article in the constitution speaks about reservation.
  4. Use the internet for best resources and content .
  5. Prepare mind maps or clues or tips or flow charts to remember the content.
  6. Whatever you read, try to visualise the content which helps you to remember for a long time.
  7. In order to succeed in the competitive exams, some smart work should be done.
  8. Go through previous year question papers and follow the trend of how TSPSC frames questions from a topic.
  9. It is also advisable to refer to the government websites for more information 
  10. In subjects like history, art and culture, geography, environment search for figures when you read about something.
  11. If you read about architecture in ancient India, try to Google the pictures.
  12. Always use maps when you are reading geography. This helps you to increase the connectivity between the content. 

No matter how much you read and revise practicing tests will differentiate between you and the other aspirants

Do as many mock tests before prelims.

Remember health is also important . Don’t neglect , atleast workout for 30 minutes and do meditation for 5 minutes in a day. 

It is not about how much you read, it’s all about how much you perform on the D-day.  

Always be optimistic, believe in yourself and be confident.


This is detailed prelims strategy for TSPSC group 1 2024.

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