How to write Good Answer in TSPSC Group 1  Mains

This article is about good answer writing in TSPSC Group 1 mains.In this article we will address the most important challenge that was faced by many aspirants .Answer writing is an art. Only a few aspirants know it. Here we will try to provide you with some tips to master that art.

Your answer will project your personality. So always try to analyse the issue in a positive manner.

Read the question properly and try to understand what exactly is asked.

Various kinds of directives are given. For example discuss,analyse, critically analyse etc. You should be able to know what exactly that directive demand from the aspirant

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Answer writing Strategy For TSPSC Group 1 mains 

Before you start writing the answer, try to recall the basics about the topic and add them in the introduction part.

For example if there is a question on increase in repo rate try to define repo rate in a few words and then continue with the directive.

Whatever points you recall when you see the question, write the key words on the paper with pencil. So that you cannot forget the points till the conclusion .

Always stick to the word limit. Don’t try to elaborate the answer and don’t fill the sheets.write the answer within the given word limit ( 100/150 words).

Attempt every question in the paper even if you don’t have enough content on the topic . At Least touch the basic concepts and analyse the social, physical aspects of the topic.

Structure of a good answer

  •   Always start the answer with the introduction. Start with a definition of the key word of the question.For example if there is a question on causes of rising inflation start your answer with defination of inflation.
  • Use quotes wherever needed.
  • Write answers in bullet points or small paragraphs .
  • Write in small sentences. Don’t use long sentences to describe your views .
  • You can use exact figures and numbers wherever required.
  • Use maps, diagrams , flow charts, tables, pie charts. This helps you to cover more content within limited words. 
  • A good conclusion is always important at the end .
  • Try to balance the conclusion between positive and negative dimensions.
  •  Time management is the most important. Within the given time you should be able to express your views in the given word limit. This skill comes from a lot of practice.
  • Start writing answers from the initial days of your preparation. Evaluate yourself by comparing yourself with previous year toppers. Find out what is missing in your answer and try not to repeat them .
  • Start writing answers from NCERTS. 
  • After finishing standard books then try to answer previous year question papers and evaluate yourself.
  • Try to frame questions from editorials for newspapers and write it.
  •  Try to finish the mains syllabus a few months before prelims.
  • Because after clearing you will have limited time for preparation

Give that time to revision and test series.

What does a directive mean and how to approach the question?

Below table is detailed explanation of directive and way to approach the question.

Comment  Write your opinion by citing facts as examples. Criticise the positives and negative arguments with examples.
Examine      In Depth introduction is required. Write the causes, effects, results and way forward. Give a brief introduction and conclusion.
DiscussMention positive and negative points. Strengths and weakness,Consequences and way forward.In conclusion, provide suggestions and solutions with examples.
Critically Examine  Detailed explanation of causes and consequences, reasons and strength. Write the possible consequences and implications.
Critically DiscussCarefully provide strengths and weaknesses, consequences and implications.
EvaluateAssess both positive and negative points. Advantages and disadvantages of the statement
Analyse    Break the statement into few ideas and examine each idea by addressing the key idea


This is a detailed answer writing strategy for TSPSC Group 1 mains.

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