Geography strategy for TSPSC Group 1 2024

Geography strategy for TSPSC Group 1 details in this article. Geography, an interesting subject and also holds a good weightage in prelims and mains .

Some aspirants find it very interesting but most of them treat it as a boring subject. 

Some feel it as an easy subject whereas others don’t.Now here let’s discuss how to read geography for this exam.

How to read Geography for TSPSC Group 1 2024

Here are a few steps that help you in preparing geography for TSPSC Group 1.

Knowing the syllabus

First go in detail about the topics given in the syllabus.

Understand each and every term very clearly.

Try to make detailed notes on each topic.

Going through previous year question papers

Analyse the way of questions asked by TSPSC in various  exams.

Try to connect some links from them.

Figure out topics that were asked frequently and increase focus on them.

 For example questions on Rivers and tributaries are evergreen .

Buildup concept

Geography is a concept based subject.

Most of the questions are conceptual.

Try to build up concepts. One can watch animation videos of earth crust or tsunami or earthquake , which helps in remembering concepts for a longer period of time.

Using MAPS 

 Maps help in retaining and building connections between the topics.

Whenever you come across any place try to find its location.

With that you will be able to analyse the geographical factors of that area.

It helps you to find the occurance of mines and minerals.

Using mnemonics to remember the content 

Geography is also a fact based subject. It is impossible for a human to remember everything so try to create mnemonics or clues .

Focus areas

  • Location
  • Geographical factors
  • Mountains, plateaus,hills, plains
  • Rivers
  • Minerals
  • Mines 
  • Earth interior
  • Various Mountain ranges
  • Mountain passes
  • Concepts about tsunami, earthquake,
  • Formation of waterfall
  • Occurance of volcano
  • Various volcanoes
  • Mountain ranges
  • Types of forest
  • Types of soil
  • Various crops
  • Vegetation
  • Climate.

However, practice and revision is the key for any exam.

Practice as much as possible 

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