Don’t do these things if you are preparing for TSPSC Group 1 2024

 This article is about the Not to do list for TSPSC Group 1. Most of you are aware of what to do to clear TSPSC Group 1. It is more important to know what you should not do to clear this exam. Here are a few things one has to definitely avoid while preparing. Below is the list

Not to do list for TSPSC Group 1

Here are a few things that you should avoid while preparing.

 Not understanding the demand of the exam 

When you start your preparation 

 Without understanding the demand of the exam is sailing in the sea without proper direction.

 Not understanding the syllabus

This is the common mistake that most of the aspirants make in their preparation . Syllabus is the main guide in this exam. It will give you clear idea about what to read and what not to read 

Not analysing the previous year question papers

This is the most important aspect in any competitive exam.

Analysing previous year question papers will tell  you  the trend of asking questions in the coming years. So analyse at least past 5  previous year question papers of every exam conducted by TSPSC.

 No planning

Without proper plan it is highly impossible to achieve desired results. One has to prepare monthly plan and weekly plan and daily plans and make sure you finish it on time

Stop procrastinating.

Sometimes later becomes never .

Avoid postponing your works. Today a small syllabus will burden you in your last stages. Stop procrastinating things finish every day targets in time.

Not doing mock tests

Some aspirants will think that  they will  perform well in the actual examination and  don’t give mocks.

But it is completely a misconception. Practice removes imperfections. So do as many mocks in each stage of your examination.

 Reading multiple resources

Rushing through multiple resources is the biggest mistake that many aspirants make.

Read only one book for one subject and revise them multiple times.

Not evaluating yourself

Always analyse your performance with mock test and self evaluation is most important. You have to know your strengths and weak areas and focus upon them.


This is a detailed not to do list for TSPSC Group 1 2024.Don’t make these mistakes if you are preparing for the TSPSC Group 1 exam.

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