Importance of test series in TSPSC GROUP 1 2022

This article is about the importance of test series in TSPSC Group 1 2022.Test series play a major role in your preparation. It helps you to assess your preparation. 

You might read for hours together but doing a test series will save you the time in learning the subject. 

It is best advised to revise a subject through test series.

One should definitely join any test series as it helps them to find weak areas and his/ her ranking compared to peers.

Importance of Test Series in TSPSC Group 1 prelims 2022

Test series are important in every stage of the exam 

One should give at least 25-30 mock tests before prelims.

This helps you to manage time in the exam hall and also helps you make educated guesses and eliminate incorrect options. 

Test series also make you revise content in an efficient way . You can just revise one book in 1 hour. But mock tests make you go through 150 new topics in 2 hrs of time .

You can also evaluate how much you have read and how much you have to read. Your strengths and focus areas are also known with test series.

It is Highly recommended to join the test series a few months before prelims.

Importance of Test Series in TSPSC Group 1 Mains 2022

Coming to mains it is also important to join test series. It will help you to enhance your writing skills. It helps you to increase the speed of your writing and how to present the content in a limited period of time. How to organise the content, how to avoid unnecessary stuff , how to structure a good answer within the word limit and limited time.

Importance of Test Series in TSPSC Group 1 Interview 2022

Even in the interview stage, it is mostly advised to attend mock interviews before you sit for the final interview.

One must focus on his/ her personality before the actual examination.  In the mock interview they find your faults and develop your personality where a public servant should posses. 

You can use those tips and mould your personality in your day to day life and present well in the final interview.

It is highly recommended to join test series a few months before  each and every stage of the Exam ( prelims,mains and interview) .

Assess your performance and compare with others where you are lacking behind them and try to improve them.

Always try to learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them.


This is a detailed article regarding Importance of test series in TSPSC GROUP 1 2022(Prelims,mains,interview).

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