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Economic Development of Satavahanas

Here is the Economic development of Satavahanas.


  • Agriculture was the main occupation.
  • Rice,jowar,jute, gingelly, sugarcane – major crops
  • Wheat,red gram,blackgram,castor, coconut, cotton – other crops.
  • For tilling land cows, oxen and buffaloes were used.
  • Cows,lands and villages were donated 
  • Kings used to have their own lands .
  • To cultivate banjar lands,ryots in villages were made to do VETTI.
  • Agricultural WELLS are the principal water  supply source.
  • PERSIAN WHEEL(buckets were arranged in round shape on a wheel and was run with animals) is used to lift water from canals.


Cottage industries have developed during satavahana times.

Iron ore deposits were there in Medak,Nizamabad, Karimnagar and Warangal districts.

People learnt burning of bricks, digging of wells.

There are 19 types of crafts in this Era.

  1. KOLIKA ( weavers)
  2. TILAPASIKA(oil extractors)
  3. KASAKARA( brass workers)
  4. KULARIKA ( potters)
  5. TASAKARA( shining layor creators)
  6. KAMARA ( black Smith)
  7. MALAKARA( florists)
  8. ODYANTRIKA ( water machine manufacturers)
  9. LOHAVANIYA( iron merchants)
  10. SUVARNAKA( gold smith)
  11. VADHAKA( carpenter)
  12. SELAVADHAKA( stonworkers)
  13. AVASENI( handicrafters)
  14. LEKHAKA ( writers)
  15. CHARMAKARA( leather worker)
  16. PESAKARA( basket merchant)
  17. MITHIKA( Stone polise her) the
  18. GADHIKA ( perfume makers)
  19. MANIKARA ( diamond worker)

Those who followed a craft organised into a GUILD ( Tilapasika guild, odyantrika guild etc..) Head of the guild is SRESHTI.

GUILD discharge function of present day banks. They take deposit and give loans and collect interest (12% a year )

Guilds used to accept the property that was given as a donation.


Internal and external trade developed during satavahanas.

Merchants who carried on foreign trade were known as SARTHAVAHANA.

In telangana , kotilingala, dhulikatta,kondapur remained important trade centers.

Bullock cart became main means of travel.

Foreign trade was carried on from port towns,like

sopar, Kalyan, barukaccham on Western coast 

Kantakasela( ghantasala) , koddura ( gudur) mysolia ( machilipatnam) allosinelu ( adurru ) on Eastern coast.


 Satavahana age in telangana society uproot four fold division Brahmins, kshatriya,Vaishyas, Sudras.

  • Brahmins used to study Vedas.
  • Kshatriya used to learn art of governance and waging wars.
  • Vaishyas carried on trade and business.
  • Sudras took up agriculture.
  • Caste system was not rigid in this period, however Brahmins used have respect in society. They are exempted from tax paying. 
  • Inter caste marriages took place.
  • Gautamiputra sarakarni has proudly declared that he tried to root out varnas violating varna dharma and losing their purity and austerity. 
  • Joint family system was prevalent. Women had respect and freedom in society. They used to wear titles like mahabhoja, mahasenapati mahatalavarini. 
  • Some queens became partner in administration.
  • Dressing style of these people is known from amaravathi sculptures.
  • Women and men used to wear jewellery.
  • Slavery system used to be there in satavahana times ( mentioned in gunadhya brihatkatha). 


During the times of satavahanas, vedic religion, Buddhism and Jainism flourished.

Vedic Religion

Many satavahana rulers followed vedic religion.

SATAKARNI 1 performed vedic rites 

Gautamiputra sarakarni supporter of Brahmins( Eka Brahmana).


Jainism is widely prevalent in Telangana region.

Srimukha, the founder of satavahana kingdom followed Jainism.


Satavahana kings though they followed vedic religion patronizes Buddhism also .

Gautamiputra sarakarni,in honour of his mother gautami balasri,has donated a village at trirasami to buddhist monks.

Important buddhist places in Telangana are , Kondapur, Phanigiri, Tirumalagiri, Dhulikatta, Pasegam , Meerjampet.

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